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Hydrating Almond Butter Body Butter - Perfect Size for On-the-Go Moisture

Experience the moisturizing power of our light body butter, infused with almond butter, vitamin E oil, and white tea and ginger oil. This formula is specially designed to deliver the moisture your dry hands need. With its compact size, it fits perfectly in your purse, ensuring your hands stay nourished and hydrated wherever you go. The body butter creates a protective barrier on your skin, promoting lasting moisture retention.

Ingredients: Almond butter, vitamin E oil, white tea ginger oil

Directions: After washing hands or showering, apply the body butter onto dry skin and distribute evenly for optimal hydration.

Indulge in our hydrating almond butter body butter, enriched with a blend of nourishing ingredients to keep your hands well moisturized throughout the day.

White Tea Ginger Almond Butter - 1.5 oz: Nourishing Blend for Smooth Skin

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