A lightweight oil based serum that softens and reconditions the skin with vitamins and proteins, which is considered extremely nourishing to the skin.

This serum moisturizes with natural vitamin D, vitamin E and olein glyceride linoleic acid which is what brings the pH of the skin back to its normal range, preventing and treating irritation and itching skin. It is perfect to use after cleansing and before your moisturizer. It’s a daily essential for all skin types. It will leave the skin looking fresher, brighter, and smoother while it minimizes the appearance of imperfections.


Ingredients: Almond oil, vitamin E oil, bergamot essential oil and jasmine oil.


Directions:After cleansing, apply to entire face, neck and chest in the morning and/or evening as a moisturizer.

Precaution: External use only. Stop using if any sign of an allergic reaction.

Facial Serum Almond Oil & Bergamot - 1 oz