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Three DIY makeup organizing tricks to fill those long winter days

As peaceful as it may look from afar, the snow blanketing the sidewalks right now is basically daring you to stay indoors this week. And while wintry conditions can make lounging at home feel that much cozier, it’s also easy to go stir-crazy: Trust us, we know the feeling all too well.

So, you might as well keep yourself occupied with some anti-spring cleaning. Here are three DIY makeup organization tricks that will keep your collection of Bartholomew Sisters products neat all winter long (and, this year, it’s gonna be a long one).

Repurpose your old kitchen supplies

Chances are you’ve got a few random bits and bobs lying around your kitchen that you don’t really use anymore. That spice rack you found at a garage sale for a great price but don’t really have the room for? That can hold medium- to large-sized objects, like lotions, serums, or perfumes. Those ice cube trays and popsicle molds that you’re definitely not using in minus-twenty weather? They can store smaller things, like lip glosses or nail polish. The best part about this: You don’t even need to leave the house, because he magic is in what you already have lying around.

Turn your old clothing into portable makeup carriers

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a few items of clothing lying around your closet, just waiting to be Marie-Kondo’d. If any of them are on the sturdier end, like bits of old leather, durable denim, or thick corduroy, they’re perfect for this. Carve out an approximately 12-by-12-inch piece (or however long you might need depending on the size of your makeup collection). Then, cut a series of one- to two-inch slits into it, and it becomes a makeup brush pouch. You can even cut out a few bits of string or extra fabric to roll it up and tie it in place, for those busy days when doing your makeup on-the-go is a must.

Make magnet board makeup holders

Depending on what you’ve got at home, this one might require a trip to the craft store – but it’ll be a quick one. All you need is a sheet of small stick-on magnets and a larger magnetic surface. Apply the magnet stickers to the bottom of the products that you use the most every day. Then, hang the larger magnetic surface from the wall in a location that’s most convenient for your daily use. Stick your daily-use items to the magnet, and voilà, you have an efficient hanging makeup holder that not only frees up cabinet space, but will also be easier to use when on-the-go.



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