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Science says: Ditch your cotton pillowcases, your skin will thank you for it

Let’s face it: Fall means staying in. As temperatures drop and days get shorter, the appeal of a cozy night in with a mug of tea, a vanilla scented candle, and the newest Netflix bingeable show only grows. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending more time surrounded by your pillows and blankets, and you’ll want to be surrounded by the best.

But according to Julie Sprankles, writer for Apartment Therapy, that cotton pillowcase you’ve been spending a growing amount of time with isn’t the best for your skin. Cotton is an absorbent material, with a proven tendency to wick moisture away from your skin and face, which can dehydrate your epidermis over a long night’s sleep. Dry skin never feels good—but worse, Sprankles points out that it can lead to an increase in the appearance of fine lines.

And while it’s typically one of the more affordable textiles out there, cotton can also be coarse and rough on the skin, creating friction that can cause inflammation, can create or worsen lesions on the skin’s surface, and can lead to the spread of bacteria (side note: no matter which fabric you’re using, the more often you wash your sheets and pillow cases, the better off your skin will be).

The cotton conundrum is an easy one, however. There are plenty of other fabrics out there that are equally cozy and infinitely friendlier to your skin. Dermatologists recommend satin above all: Beauty Guru Lori Crete told Apartment Therapy in 2018 that a satin pillowcase is an essential “part of a complete home care regimen.”

“They reduce friction that can cause breakouts and increase the signs of aging,” Crete said.

Fortunately, you can find satin products at your average department store without breaking the bank. And with a few moisturizing Bartholomew Sisters products in your daily routine, you can keep your skin feeling hydrated and irritation-free through many more long nights this fall.

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