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Minimalist skincare routines are in — here’s why

The Mari Kondo method is sweeping skincare. More and more North Americans are cutting down the number of steps in their skincare routines, according to a VICE article published May 6.

As writer Marie Solis details, 10-step skincare routines are a thing of the past: people across North America are resorting to simplifying their skincare routines as a reaction to the mainstream obsession with perfecting the order, number, and combination of products they use — a trend brought about by influencers and the movement of global trends from countries like Korea.

This shift is, in part, due to mass realization that perhaps 10 steps is too many. Solis interviewed ten dermatologists over the course of her story, three of whom said the majority of their patients use too many over-the-counter products that are wrong for them, thus irritating and overworking their skin. Not to mention the expense: according to Solis, many of the patients dermatologists said they saw have spent “hundreds of dollars” on products to no avail, draining their wallets and their energy. One doctor even said her go-to move when treating these patients is simply to decrease the number of products they use.

So, amid the resurgence of single-dose skincare, finding the one, gentle product that works is now all the rage. Let Bartholomew Sisters’ all-natural, nutrient-rich black soap cleanser be that product for you. Gentle and easy on all skin types, this cleanser is a daily essential, easy to use in the morning and/or evening — and that’s it. No further steps, no further expenses: you’re done.

What do you think? How many skin care steps do you like to keep in your routine? Let us know in the comments — we’d love to hear from you!



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