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Introducing SmallTown: A blog about skincare, veganism, and more

With the start of 2019 came a number of milestones here at Bartholomew Sisters, the latest of which is what you’re reading right now. I’m thrilled to announce the launch of SmallTown, Bartholomew Sisters’ new blog dedicated to all things skincare, veganism, and general health and wellness.

How do natural ingredients like charcoal and shea butter work to improve our skin? What are the easiest, most nutrient-rich vegan breakfasts to make on rushed weekday mornings? And how do parts of our daily life, like making cell phone calls, damage our skin? We’ll be answering questions like these (and so many more!) on the blog, which we’ll be updating every two weeks.

With this blog, I hope to bring our customer community closer together. I hope to prove that our passion for veganism and wellness go far beyond our skincare products here at Bartholomew Sisters. We owe it to you, our loyal customers, to provide education that enhances your understanding of our products and the lifestyle choices we make. So follow along – we promise these posts won’t disappoint.

Happy reading,


Founder and CEO of Bartholomew Sisters


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