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Guest Post by Emily Santos - Sensitive Skin Care

As someone who has struggled with dry skin (and combination facial skin) for my entire life, I was extremely satisfied with my results from Bartholomew Sisters Vegan Skin Care Line. 

I have used a lot of products previously that were unnatural and unrewarding. Coming to the decision to use vegan products have proven awesome -- it's really helped soften and clear my skin. Seeing this company's booth at a number of trade shows, including at the Whitby Vegfest at the Abilities Centre this past season, helped me go forward! 

Among the goodies I have recently been able to try: Bartholomew Sisters' Body Wash, Skin and Hair Oil, and the Non Scented Shea Butter.

Let's start with the Bartholomew Sisters' Body Wash:

A big part of this review will be my allergies. In recent years, I have become extremely sensitive to scented products, and it has been difficult for me to find something that has agreed with (translation: doesn't make me sneeze or give me watery eyes). The vegan body wash is all natural, with aloe vera, green tea and essential oils. The texture is light, not thick or goopey. I liked that I didn't need to use a lot of the product to also find a satisfying result after my shower. 

 Bartholomew Sisters' Skin and Hair Oil:

I am a huge fan of the skin and hair oil. In have dry elbows and feet, so this product was fantastic at eliminating the winter skin flakes. Additionally, it works well for frizzy hair. In the morning, I use the oil as a heat protector for straightening and detangling my hair and also leaves my hair smooth throughout the day. I would compare the result to something like the Moroccan Oils, I've used previously. 

The vegan skin and hair oil also includes natural ingredients; this particular product had grapeseed oil, almond oil as well as a number of essential oils.

Bartholomew Sisters' Non-Scented Shea Butter:

The non-scented shea butter is not like traditional lotions. It is not as creamy, and more natural and oily. You only need a small amount of the shea butter for results.  I use the vegan shea butter on my feet, and put socks on over it. It soaks in throughout the day, and I find an incredible difference in my skin's smoothness by end-of-work-day. 

The shea butter also warms fast for massages and easily soaks into the skin in comparison to lower grade, cheap products. 

Overall, these products are great for winter use. Not only does it heal rough skin, but is excellent to use as a preventive. All three products soften skin, with results in less than 24 hours. My must-haves for the season! 

Emily Santos is a Durham-based photography blogger. 

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Glory adina
Glory adina
Jan 09, 2020

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