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Four ways to declutter your bathroom

With the days getting longer, the temperatures finally rising, and the sun coming (and staying) out, now is a better time than ever to do last minute spring cleaning. Start with the smallest room in your home: your bathroom. It’s easy to let products pile up over a long winter, and because bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in any house, a little mess can feel extra burdensome. But Bartholomew Sisters is here to help. Here are four ways to organize the limited space in your bathroom and minimize clutter, you can get on with your summer, stress-free.

1- Get rid of anything you don’t use

Products can accumulate in your bathroom easily over time if you don’t pay attention. You probably have a few nearly empty bottles laying around, ready to be recycled, and as many full products that you simply never use. That bottle of lotion you got for your birthday that’s not quite your scent, or that soap you bought on sale and immediately forgot about — everyone has these floating around our bathrooms and they can take up space without us even realizing it. A good rule for getting rid of them: ditch anything you haven’t used in the last 6 months, ideally by giving it away to a good home through a platform like Bunz. From what’s left, place everything you use daily in easily accessible locations on your counter or in your top drawer. Put away everything you only use semi-regularly (like special occasion perfumes or expensive soaps) in a cupboard or drawer.

2 - Invest in wall shelving

Wall shelves are a great way to keep your products in your bathroom without letting them take up space on your vanity. Install a shelf or two in a high location along your bathroom wall, like above your bathroom door, where it’s sure to be out of the way. Use this as a space for storing larger items (or jars that hold smaller items) and those that you don’t use as often (because a high-up space will be harder to get to regularly). Having a clean, tidy vanity will make your bathroom feel larger, more organized, and more relaxing to enter, so do yourself a favour and keep your nonessentials out of the way.

3 - Break your drawers up with baskets

We all have that one junk drawer that’s filled with piled up items — some that get used, some that don’t — where nothing quite seems to have a place. After you’ve gotten rid of those in the latter category, line the bottom of the drawer with baskets, jars, or any other receptacle that fits inside it. Use each basket for a different category of item; one can be devoted to makeup brushes, another to lotions, and so on. Baskets are a great way to break large drawers into smaller, more usable spaces, and to give every item its own place.

4 - Store extra supplies away

If you’re a bulk shopper, you probably have far more tubes of toothpaste or bottles of body wash than you need at any given time. You’ll be glad to have this stock down the line, but don’t let it take up too much space in your bathroom. Keep these items in extra storage; designate a zone in a closet elsewhere in your home to holding these and come back to it whenever you need. Your bathroom space is precious real estate, so use it to store items you’re using in the present.



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