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Four Father’s Day must-haves for any Dad

Fathers need self-care just as much as the rest of us. But it’s likely that your dad might not be thinking about it. You can help with that. This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of grooming with any of these four Bartholomew Sisters products.

1- Beard Oil

If your dad rocks a beard, this stuff is a must. Chock full of argan oil — a powerful substance said to keep hair hydrated and proven to protect it from protein losses caused by everyday damage — this beard oil will keep your father’s facial hair looking healthy and sharp. Perhaps more importantly, our tried-and-true recipe contains almond oil, which has been used as a treatment for dry skin for centuries, so it’ll prevent the skin underneath his beard from itching or flaking. Your dad might not kn.

ow he needs it yet, but you can be the one to show him.

2 - Shampoo Black Soap with Peppermint

A good shampoo is a gift any dad’s bound to enjoy, because it’s a universally-used item and it’ll make his life ten times easier if he doesn’t have to think about buying it himself. Better yet, this shampoo will work wonders on his hair. It’s rich in aloe vera — a substance many know for treating sun burns and dry skin, but few realize how powerful it is in strengthening hair cells and promoting their growth. This shampoo is also scented with peppermint and roasted coffee essential oils, so he’ll feel at the top of his game when smelling great all day.

3 - Shea Butter

We love shea butter here at Bartholomew Sisters, mainly for its powerful moisturizing properties. It’s rich in fatty acids that create a barrier over the skin to prevent moisture loss. Chances are your father’s been working hard, and keeping his skin moisturized might’ve fallen to the bottom of his priorities list. But with a bit of Bartholomew Sisters shea butter applied once every couple of days, his skin will stay moisturized, even through tough Canadian winters (yes, we’re thinking long-term here). He’ll love this product unscented or in coconut and lemongrass scents.

4 - Styling wax

Your dad should look fresh at all times; but he might not know how to get there. Help him out with this styling pomade. Made with shea butter and carnauba wax — the latter of which is derived from the Brazilian carnauba palm tree and used in many types of wax to give objects a glossy finish — this pomade will help your dad give his hair or beard its very best shape and finish.

Check out our full Father’s Day collection here.



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