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Changes: 2021

Happy New Year! It has been a very long year for everyone, with WW3, murder hornets, protests, American elections, and most notably the pandemic. For small businesses like myself, it has been an absolutely surreal year. Never did I think we would get to the point of losing physical locations, not seeing our friends and customers alike, and competing head-on with large corporations. 2020 felt like a testament of hope as we had to sit down with our individual thoughts and really question what matters to us at the end of the day. For me, it was necessary to maintain independence and recognize what my dreams mean to me in terms of action.

As some of you may have noticed, it was a very long and absent 2020 for me from the business social media world. I had admittedly and willingly did a burnout tour in 2019, something that was notably and critically unsustainable long term. I needed a break from the aggressive work schedule I created for myself and suddenly with the pandemic, it forced me to take a look at why and how I was running my business. The need to work smart and not harder as a single woman business was the heart of the matter. I am now working towards a more balanced work schedule - both physical & digital when it comes to Bartholomew Sisters.

The past year was filled with necessary downtime and now that I've recollected myself, I look forward to engaging with you all.


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