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Bergamot: Beneficial for your skin, hair, and so much more

Derived from the citrus tree commonly grown in southern Italy, bergamot is an extremely powerful little fruit with a plethora of uses. And, it’s the latest ingredient to reach Bartholomew Sisters’ collection of beard products.

If you’re a tea drinker, you’ve probably tried Bergamot without knowing it — the dried fruit, in combination with black tea leaves, is used in Earl Gray tea. And if you’re a fan of jams, chances are, you’ve consumed it — the citrus is a staple in Turkish marmalades.

Its rind can be used to extract essential bergamot oil, which has an even wider number of uses for both the mind and the body. The oil is commonly used in aromatherapy, to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and mild mood disorders.

It’s also been used to treat dandruff and stimulate hair growth. One 2014 study found that, when applied to the scalp, it reduces inflammation and helps facilitate the healing of wounds, while another study, conducted in 2011, shows that it has antimicrobial effects on the when applied to the scalp, keeping your skin and hair clean and healthy.

So, if you’re looking to incorporate bergamot oil into your daily routine, look no further. Bartholomew Sisters’ newest product is rich in the stuff; our Bergamot and Cedarwood Beard Oil will help will condition your facial hair while moisturizing deep into the layers of skin underneath. Those looking to nourish their hair on their heads should check out our Lavender & Bergamot Grapeseed Oil, while those looking to protect their skin may prefer our Bergamot Shea Butter or facial serum. Whatever your needs, there’s a way to make this essential oil work for you.



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